Kit Beauregard had lived most of her life as a man, a fraud instigated by her mother from birth. Now, convicted of piracy on the high seas and condemned to death, she awaits her appointment with the hangman.

She is joined during those final hours by a priest who listens as she recounts the story of her life.

From childhood as a footman with the McKenzie family in Kent, to serving as a soldier in the Duke of Marlborough’s army during the war of the Spanish succession, she learned to kill or be killed. Following the war she embarks for the American colonies and on the voyage, joins a pirate ship, eventually becoming a feared pirate captain operating in the Caribbean seas.

Along the way she made friends and enemies. Now, finally, one of those enemies, Jacob Crowley, was to extract revenge on her and her lover, Henry McKenzie.

As the night wears on and she confesses to the priest, she realises that he is not all that he seems.

‘Renegade’ is an adventure that begins in the final years of the seventeenth century and ends during the golden years of piracy in the early eighteenth century.

Mark Ellott

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