Looks like 2021 is heading into another gloomy Christmas season due to the same virus panic as last year. So here’s a little book of tales to take your mind off things, at least for a while. They do have a mostly gloomy aspect but that’s only to be expected after two years of restrictions and lockdowns. Authors are human too. At least the stories have happy endings… mostly.

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ForewordH.K. Hillman

The DenMarsha Webb

The Black ChickenMark Ellott

Advent in the Old TownStephen Duffy

But You Didn’tDaniel Royer

That Giant Box – Daniel Royer

Arthur and LislDavid Davis

Scrapyard PresentsAdam Stones

In the GrottoRoo B. Doo

Christmas Trees – H.K. Hillman

The Last Ride – H.K. Hillman

Afterword – Roo B. Doo