I’m a hippy gypsy farm girl, celestial observer, empath and animal lover. I’m blessed to live out in the country, where cows and critters outweigh traffic, and birds caw my name. 

Texan by birth and a writer by heart, I started writing at 16 and had my first story published that year in the local newspaper. Fast forward to my 30’s, I wrote for a different hometown newspaper. I was the assistant editor and had my own column entitled, ‘Maybe It’s Just Me’ where I covered different problematic trends with a side of humor. I was also tasked with being the first person to cover School Board and City Council weekly meetings. Talk about a challenging venue.  Half the town loved me and the other half were appalled that anyone, especially a woman, dared to crash their secretive meetings.

One time I found a burnt newspaper in my mailbox. I kept writing but added a locked gate to my home. The power of the written word is truly amazing.

Ginger’s first appearance in the Underdog Anthologies is in ‘Transgenre Dreams‘, UA8.