The first actual Christmas themed anthology. December 2017.

List of stories and authors:

Death’s Deputy – Mark Ellott

The Dead Don’t Lie – Mark Ellott

Honey – Mark Ellott

A Brush with Death – Mark Ellott

Secret Santa – Roo B. Doo

Saturday Night in Bloomsbury – Stephen W. Duffy

Christmas in Kensington – Stephen W. Duffy

Santa and the Taliban – Justin Sanebridge

The Unique Christmas Tree – Justin Sanebridge

Christmas with Balls – Justin Sanebridge

The Last Writer – Justin Sanebridge

The Mevagissey Miracle – Lee Bidgood

Christmas Ever – Cade F.O.N Apollyon

The Sweet Man – H.K. Hillman

All the Strangers – H.K. Hillman

For Whom the Bells Jingle – H.K. Hillman

Mickey – Patient 567 – Emma Buttery