Halloween 2017. I had found a deer skull on an antler in a holly tree in my garden. Hence the cover photo and the title for this book. I have no idea why it was put there but it’s been there long enough to get embedded in the tree and I’m not moving it now. It also inspired one of the stories in this collection.

List of stories and authors:

Cobalt Blue – Lee Bidgood

All Change – Stephen W. Duffy

Tout Passé, Tout Cassé, Tout Lassé – Mark Ellott

Ghost Riders – Mark Ellott

The Eagle – Mark Ellott

Trick or Treat – Roo B. Doo

Casual Labour – Justine Sunshine

Bernie’s Bargain – H.K. Hillman

The Macbeth Trio – H.K. Hillman

Oak and Holly – H.K. Hillman