H. K. Hillman is the creator, or perhaps creation, of Romulus Crowe, Dr. Phineas Dume and Legiron the Underdog. Now pretty much retired from science, he hides out in an ancient farmhouse in Scotland where he spends a lot of time thinking up horrible stories and running the tiny publishing house called Leg Iron Books.

Some of his books were previously published by other small press, most were self-published, and sold a slow trickle of copies over the years. They are now under the banner of Leg Iron Books where they sell a slow trickle of copies, but at least they are cheaper than they used to be.

Three novels so far: ‘Jessica’s Trap‘, ‘Samuel’s Girl‘, and ‘Norman’s House‘ : short story collections ‘Fears of the Old and the New‘, ‘Dark Thoughts and Demons‘ and ‘The Articles of Dume‘ : a small collection of cartoons in ‘Drawn without power‘ and as a co-editor of the Underdog Anthologies, he feels obliged to provide something for each one he’s in –

  1. The Underdog Anthology
  2. Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell
  3. Treeskull Stories
  4. The Good, the Bad and Santa
  5. Six in Five in Four
  6. The Gallows Stone
  7. Christmas Lights… and Darks
  8. Transgenre Dreams
  9. Well Haunted
  10. The Silence of the Elves
  11. Tales from Loch Doon
  12. Mask-Querade
  13. Coronamas
  14. The Dark Ides of March
  15. The Darkness at the End of October
  16. Slay Bells in the Snow
  17. The Wrong Kind of Leaves
  18. The Hole in the Veil
  19. Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
  20. A Dark Spring
  21. A Day Off for Angels
  22. The Shadows Under the Tree