Gayle Fidler is a writer, collector of bad taxidermy, paranormal researcher, part time pirate and make-up artist. She is also a Viking blacksmith who likes to hand forge spoons and toasting forks.

Gayle lives in the North East of England with several cats and several children. She is married to her best friend Ben, who lives 100 miles away from her in Yorkshire because he likes to sleep with all the windows open.

Gayle began writing on the back of beer mats to try and make up reasonable excuses for some of the ridiculous situations her and Ben found themselves in during drunken capers.

The Silence of the Elves (UA10)

Tales from Loch Doon (UA11)

Mask-Querade (UA12)

Coronamas (UA13)

The Dark Ides of March (UA14)

The Wrong Kind of Leaves (UA17)