Christmas 2022 looks bleak for most people. Everything is becoming much more expensive and the world seems to have gone completely mad. So, here are a few tales to take your mind off things. Stories about ancient spirits, modern gentle ghost stories, Christmas in space in the future, and of course, Santa even makes an appearance.
Oh, we do have guest appearances by Death, War, Famine and Pestilence, naturally.

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Foreword – H.K. Hillman
Is There Christmas on Mars? – Mark Ellott
Yule Log – Kerry E.B. Black
We Three Thieves – Daniel Royer
Christmas Knight – Adam D. Stones
Going Home – Stephen W. Duffy
Return of the Muse – Mark Ellott
Look Austin… – Daniel Royer
Finding Pesto – Roo B. Doo
Santa Hard – H.K. Hillman
It Isn’t Turkey – H.K. Hillman
Afterword – Roo B. Doo