I am a professor of cancer screening, living in Cambridge and working in London. I write poetry and short fiction in my spare time. Born in Scotland, I have lived in England for the past forty years. Although I have worked in several countries, the fiction seems usually to hark back to London. When I first went to London to do my MSc, I found the place mysterious and bewildering. Most of my stories seem to focus on the atmosphere of mystery which for me at least, pervades this overwhelming city. I shall always be grateful to Leg Iron Books for providing me with an outlet for the stories.

Stories appear in:

Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell
Treeskull Stories
The Good, the Bad and Santa
Well Haunted
The Silence of the Elves
Tales from Loch Doon
Slay Bells in the Snow
The Wrong Kind of Leaves
Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
A Day Off for Angels