Halloween rolls around once more and as always, the Underdog Anthology is ready to darken your doorway… and pretty much everything else. This slim volume contains ten stories by eight authors, including our newest author, Kerry E. B. Black.

So, light the candles, stoke up the fire and settle in for a potentially sleepless night…

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ForewordH.K. Hillman

Grandma EleanorDaniel Royer

Ducking ApplesJohnathan Martin

Pam’s Perfect CostumeKerry E. B. Black

MorfaLee Bidgood

The Ghosts of GettysburgMark Ellott

Pale GliderRoo B. Doo

Let’s Skip This One – Daniel Royer

The Erebus Incident, part 1Adam D. Stones

Store Wars – Johnathan Martin

The Calling Pill – H. K. Hillman

Afterword – Roo B. Doo