Halloween comes around again, and the fifteenth Underdog Anthology is here to entertain you.

Stories of ghosts, demons, dystopias, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and of course, the evils of men. There is even a story set in space, from our newest contributor, Adam Stones.

Ten stories from six authors, and at a bargain price. Who can resist?

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  • Foreword – H.K. Hillman
  • The Door Ajar – H.K. Hillman
  • Ever Try Voodoo? – Daniel Royer
  • Hotbox – Mark Ellott
  • The North Station Dilemma – Adam Stones
  • 13 Steadman Street – Marsha Webb
  • OK Charon – Roo B. Doo
  • Concerned Mother – Daniel Royer
  • The Trojan – H.K. Hillman
  • Dodging Retirement – H.K. Hillman
  • …and to dust we shall return – H.K. Hillman
  • Afterword – Roo B. Doo