These are the authors who have appeared in Underdog Anthologies but have not yet published single-author books with Leg Iron Books. Those who have done both will be in the main author menu.

Moving from this menu to the main author menu is not some kind of hierarchical promotion. This is set up mainly so that the author list does not get unmanageably long. It’s also because the anthology authors are paid on publication whereas the single-author books are on royalties. It would be unfair to dilute those waiting for royalties with those who have been paid already.

As the list grows there might be more subdivisions, possibly along genre lines, so that each menu doesn’t scroll way off the page.

The author bios in this section depend on the author’s agreement to include them. Until we have that agreement there will only be links to the anthologies they have appeared in. It is true that the bios are alredy published in the books but some authors might not want that bio searchable as a web page.

Leg Iron Books will respect that.