The second anthology was themed for Easter 2017. After that, the Spring Anthology became the norm. It proved difficult to keep up a stream of Easter themed stories so, as with the first anthology, the Spring (Beltane) anthology remains a non-themed book.

List of stories and authors:

Myffanwy and the Egg – Mark Ellott

Easter 1916 – Mark Ellott

Morning Cloud and the Spanish Angels – Mark Ellott

Gridlock – Mark Ellott

Death and the Life Hereafter – Mark Ellott

Changed Upon the Blue Guitar – Stephen W. Duffy

Doth Close Behind Him Tread – Stephen W. Duffy

Morning Run – Roo B. Doo

The Inchoate Egg – Roo B. Doo

The Journey Chosen – Justin Sunshine

The Night of the Hollow Bunnies – H.K. Hillman