David D Walker is a retired executive who turned to writing late in life. He was born in Scotland and educated at Hamilton Academy, Edinburgh University and Imperial College before embarking on a career in the international energy industry, with several overseas assignments.

Originally a geologist, he ended his career running a large renewable energy consultancy. He is a keen amateur historian and worldwide traveller, and now lives in Guildford, Surrey.

His published works include Blackmail, a well-researched World War 1 thriller that explores recognisable modern themes such as injudicial killing, gay rights, fake news, kompromat, royal privacy and organised crime behind the front lines. The hero, Jamie Brown, has to battle his own country’s deep state, a fractious ally and an enemy master spy. David’s other published novel, Torres del Paine, is a whodunnit set in the eponymous Chilean national park in wind-swept Patagonia. This closed circle mystery involves an array of international tourist suspects from which Inspector ‘Nacho’ Hernandez has to find the killer of a US Senator.

David made his debut at Leg Iron Books with a story in ‘A Day Off for Angels’, Underdog Anthology 21 and returned in ‘Spring Broke‘. He also has a novel in the works.