Pascale Hervé has reached the end of her career with the Police Nationale and retirement looms. As she faces a turning point in her life, a ghost from the past brings back the haunting memories of a thirty-year old case and a motorcycle ride across Spain and Portugal.

As she revisits this case along with reminders of a long-lost friend and colleague, she must unravel a mystery that she hadn’t realised has remained unresolved all this time.

Haunted not only by ghosts from the past, but also a very real gangster and his assassin who are seeking the same hidden treasure, she must stay alive long enough to discover the secret that her partner Geneviève Duval left for her.

As she unravels the past and looks back on that ride of three decades before, Pascale has a ghost that needs laying to rest. There is a thirty-year-old riddle to solve and she must confront and cheat Death before she reaches a final resolution.

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Mark Ellott