Like many scaredy cats, Kerry E.B. Black explores fears through art. This member of the Horror Writers’ Association (HWA) has published three collections of short scares and two YA paranormal thrillers.

Many of Kerry’s works creep into anthologies, zines, and journals as well. Kerry lives in the land of steel and zombies along the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, USA with her spouse, two of her five children (the rest have grown and flown to lead interesting lives of their own), three cats named for astounding authors (Poe, Hemingway, and James), and a superb service dog named Latte. She invites you to follow her social media, including:

Kerry joins the Underdog Anthologies with a story in UA18, ‘The Hole in the Veil‘.

She returns with another in UA19, ‘Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas