The 2023 Halloween edition of the Underdog Anthologies. Tales ranging from the mildly spooky to the downright scary, some set in the past, some in the future and some that might be happening right now. It’s the day when the angels relax and leave us to revel, or perhaps cower, in the darkness.

Make the most of it. It’s only for a day.

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Foreword – H.K. Hillman

Through Slabs of Stone – Daniel Royer

The Gibbet – Mark Ellott

Commando Order – David D. Walker

Is There Anybody There – Stephen W. Duffy

The Erebus Incident, part two – Adam D. Stones

The Angel in the Machine – H.K. Hillman

Just Us, part one – Roo B. Doo

Christmas for Dentists – Daniel Royer

Afterword – Roo B. Doo