Born well infused – perhaps some would say overly infused – with wanderlust and curiosity, Wandra Nomad has traversed much of the globe, exploring a myriad of customs and cultures while participating in diverse opportunistic pursuits including a multitude of occupations that helped fund said treks.

Also born an unbridled dreamer, this wanderer has traveled even further in imagination. The results of this combination are innumerable diverse ‘tales to be told’.

Having sampled a variety of climates ranging from freezing ice and snow to steaming jungles along the way a definite preference developed.

Today many such tales are spun by the Muse on the beaches around the tropical belt before wending their way to this nomad’s keyboard.

Wandra’s first visit to Leg Iron Books is in Underdog Anthology 11: Tales from Loch Doon. Since then she has produced her own collection of short stories, entitled Musings of a Wanderer.

More of Wandra is to be found in –

UA12, Mask-Querade.