Series co-editor and afterword writer.

Want more Roob? You can find her on the internet, ably assisted by Clicky, who may or may not be a) an alien dolphin and b) from another dimension, lolling about her Library of Libraries, writing synchromystic shambles at

The eternal co-editor of the Anthologies, Roo’s stories appear in:

Underdog Anthology
Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell
Treeskull Stories
The Good, the Bad and Santa
Six in Five in Four
The Gallows Stone
Christmas Lights… and Darks
Transgenre Dreams
Well Haunted
The Silence of the Elves
Tales from Loch Doon
The Dark Ides of March
The Darkness at the End of October
Slay Bells in the Snow
The Wrong Kind of Leaves
The Hole in the Veil
Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
A Dark Spring
A Day Off for Angels
The Shadows under the Tree
Spring Broke

Now, all Roob’s early stories are collected in one volume, ‘Just Call Me Roob‘, published under her name, Ruth Bonner.