It seemed optimistic to call this the first volume. Published in December 2016 as the first issue from Leg Iron Books, it was late in publication because we seriously underestimated how much work was inolved in putting it all together. It could have been the only one.

There have been many more since.

List of stories and authors:

‘Til the Fat Lady Swings – Roo B. Doo

Mind the Gap – Roo B. Doo

Succulent Sardines – Roo B. Doo

The Wheel – John Duffy

Wings Over Malta – Mark Ellott

The Revenge of Morning Cloud – Mark Ellott

Memoirs – Mark Ellott

When the Wind Changed – H.K. Hillman

Waiting for Midnight – H.K. Hillman

Seven Minutes – H.K. Hillman

Breathers – M.J. McFadden

Breakfast at the Albany Cafe – Peter McLaren

Cycling – Peter McLaren

Charlie Wobbly Bosoms – Peter McLaren

The Christian and the Toddler – Peter McLaren

When Things Go Wrong – Peter McLaren

Small Boys and Cigarettes – Peter McLaren

Accidentally – Peter McLaren

The Beach – Peter McLaren

Lego – Peter McLaren

Bin It… – Peter McLaren

Dave – Elizabeth Pole

The Orchid Girl – Elizabeth Pole

Husband – Elizabeth Pole

Jesus Saves – Hugo Stone

The Coffee Shop Girl with a Smile Like the Sun – Hugo Stone

The Caretaker – Justin Sunshine

The Death of Marcus Fernsby – Justin Sunshine

The Halloween Haunting – Justin Sunshine

Suffer the Children – Justin Sunshine

Return of the Butterfly – Justin Sunshine

Gaol Time – Justin Sunshine