Halloween rolls around again. It’s time for dark stories in dark nights, while the owl-hoots drift on the wind and the rain taps tiny wet fingers on the windows.

Nine authors bring you thirteen stories, in this, the ninth Underdog Anthology.

Tales from Marsha Webb, Martyn K. Jones, Daniel Royer, Mark Ellott, Jeani Rector, S. W. Duffy, our new recruit Gastradamus and of course, your editors Roo B. Doo and H. K. Hillman.

Sit back, close the curtains, check behind the sofa and under the bed, and enjoy some tales from the dark recesses of the imagination.

You know you really want to.

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List of stories and authors:

Still Here – Marsha Webb

White Trash and Chopsticks   –    Gastradamus

Burning Bag – Daniel Royer

Flush Widows  – Daniel Royer

The Road to Wells  –  Mark Ellott

Boogeyman –  Jeani Rector

Fountainhead – Roo B. Doo

Secret of the Flaming Zombies  – Roo B. Doo

Good here innit?  –  Martyn K. Jones

What Goes Around  –  S. W. Duffy

Room Service – H. K. Hillman

Troubled Water – H. K. Hillman

The Life of Water – H. K. Hillman