Dirk J. J. Vleugels was a retired barrister who lived in Indonesia since 1983 and was very happy with his life there. Before his passing, he gave permission for his alter ego, Justin Sanebridge, to be revealed.

Underdog Anthology 5 (Six in Five in Four) contains seven of his true stories, written from Dirk’s own experiences. This means he has seven in “Six in Five in Four”, which is a nice touch. They are English translations of some of the stories in Dirk’s Dutch edition of “Feesten Onder de Drinkboom”. He has a further story in Transgenre Dreams.

He is the author of “Es-tu là, Allah?” (in French) and the first ever biography of the Dutch-Indonesian painter Han Snel (in Dutch). All three of his books are published by Leg Iron Books.