M.J. McFadden’s work appears in The Underdog Anthology, First Volume.

Michael J. McFadden is primarily an activist. He has worked, chronologically and to various extents ongoing:

(1)   As an 8-year-old, to stop murderous adults from stepping on helpless sidewalk-crack ant colonies on his block in Brooklyn;

(2)   As a 15-year-old, to convince folks door-to-door to give him money to support penniless Christian Brothers;

(3)   As a 20-year-old, to stop us from blowing ourselves to smithereens with more & more & more nuclear bombs;

(4)   As a 25-year-old, to convince God-Fearing Americans to stop the DDDDDDs (Drivers of Detroit’s Dangerously Destructive Death Devices) from mangling defenseless children under their FWDMs (Four-Wheeled Death Machines) while switching over to TWBBs (Two-Wheeled Beatific Bicycles); and, finally,

(5)   As a 30++-year-old, to restore peace, love, and acceptance between smokers and nonsmokers while rejecting the craziness and lies of the modern Prohibitionists.

Along the way he’s written such gems as Free Peoples Transit (Workshops In Nonviolence article), AATTAACK (AOL Home Pub), Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains (a 350 page book on the motivations and methods of the modern antismoking movement in the 2000s), and TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame (530 pages of linguistic/scientific deconstruction, satire, dystopian fiction, and guidelines for future Free-Choice activism in the 2010s).

Leg Iron Books is happy to share a short, somewhat dark, look toward the future from Mr. McFadden as he follows the path that can take one from idealism into extremism, down into the depths where good ideas, sound concerns, and well-meaning activism fall off the edge into a brave, new, and eternally young world…  a world of Breathers.