Ten stories from seven authors, covering science fiction, supernatural piracy of the past, crime of the present, dodgy salesmen, future dystopia, a terrible family secret, and more. Something for everyone. This is the ‘any genre’ annual anthology and it’s very, very late this year. So the British at least will understand the title.

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Foreword – H.K. Hillman
Resolute Protector – Adam D. Stones
Plenty More Fish in the Sea – Gayle Fidler
Twenty-Five Degrees North by Minus Seventy-Five Degrees East – Mark Ellott
Colina Cochina – Daniel Royer
The Rivalry – Daniel Royer
Strange Men – Stephen Duffy
731 Days Later – Roo B. Doo
Gladius Meus, Voluntas Dei – Adam D. Stones
With Only One Option – Daniel Royer
The Failure Delegation – H.K. Hillman
Afterword – Roo B. Doo