For this one (Halloween 2018) the cover and title came from finding out that an extension to the house I live in – the extension was in 1835, the house is at least a hundred years older – used material from a large stone that once held up a gallows. A normal part of life, I think you’ll agree. Full of lovely tales of woe and despair, as you would expect for Halloween.

This was the point at which Leg Iron Books started producing whole, wraparound covers.

List of stories and authors:

A Goohuul – Cade F.O.N Apollyon

The One That Got Away – Mark Ellott

Scarback – Daniel Royer

A Date With Destiny – Marsha Webb

Burgled – Justin Sunshine

The Lantern Man – Justin Sunshine

Waste Not, Want Not – Roo B. Doo

‘Cos Play’s The Thing – Roo B. Doo

Old Timers – H.K. Hillman

Blood From A Stone – H.K. Hillman