Twenty-one tales across a wide range of genres, by the author of ‘Ransom’.

Prepare to switch between the Morning Cloud American Wild West stories and modern ecological disaster in Fifteen Years. Onwards to corruption in local politics in Greenbelt and then a visit to Saxon-era British elves riding dragons in Myffanwy’s Magic.

Try a little space opera in Hercules and Perseus, then watch karma visited through multiple existences in Omega and again in Memoirs. Relax with a little romance in Interior Design and in Dandy Lion and Minxy Lynx.

Everyone loves a ghost story: Death’s Deputy and The Dead Don’t Lie are here for lovers of the paranormal.

That’s just over half of the stories in the book. There are more.

In these pages you will find criminal conspiracy, politics, science-fiction, time travel, ghosts, Death, westerns, romance and fantasy, not to mention a crossdressing spy and even a Tudor Queen.

Mark Ellott flips between genres like a literary polymath, with the same storytelling mastery no matter the subject.

Sometimes his stories cross over genres, so are in a world of their own.
Much like the author, most of the time.

Mark Ellott