I live just outside Cardiff and I am a full-time high school teacher. I have only recently started writing. Writing short stories are my favourite because teaching takes up so much time and because I love the feeling of achievement when a story is finished.

I have always had a very over active imagination and writing allows me to use this in a positive way. I also have a story entitled ‘The School Trip’ in ‘Museum Collection: An Anthology of short stories and poetry’, available on Amazon. I have another story coming up on the Woman’s Way website.

My first novel is now available. Along with a collection of short stories.

Stories appear in:

The Gallows Stone
Christmas Lights… and Darks
Well Haunted
Stories and poetry in: Transgenre Dreams
The Silence of the Elves
Tales from Loch Doon



The Dark Ides of March

The Darkness at the End of October

Slay Bells in the Snow