It was supposed to be a quiet night out.

Within a few hours, Matt had seen his girlfriend’s naked body on the internet, committed adultery with a psychopath and been attacked with an electric shaver to save him from an overdose he did not take.

And now he’s being hunted down by a psychiatric nurse with delusions of saving the world from itself.

It was turning out to be some weekend.

And it was only just beginning.

An orange Lada filled with Bibles, a naked Goth on a Fred Flintstone slide in a glass-strewn children’s playground, a narcissist psychologist who is more suited to a rubber room than any of the patients he is experimenting on, a psychotic in pursuit of a paranoid and delayed by a chugger… this is something Tom Sharpe would have loved to have written.

Take, at least, a look inside.

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Lee Bidgood

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